We recognise that the transition to sustainability exceeds the capacity and capability of individual actors. Collaboration is essential to catalyse smarter solutions which tackle both the speed and scale of the challenge. To address this, we facilitate a number of cross sector thematic networks in the East of England.

Networks are sector or topic based, focus on a policy issue or on leadership for sustainability and include:

The Alliance for Sustainable Development

Providing a platform for leadership dialogue and debate, the exchange of knowledge and best practice and collaborative working on sustainability and climate change.

The Climate Change Adaptation Network

Enabling stakeholders to collaboratively develop resilient adaptation strategies to protect against climate change and extreme weather, while securing sustainable economic development.

The East of England Water Partnership

A working group comprising all the water companies operating in the East of England and associated stakeholders and regulators with an interest in sustainable water resources, who are committed to tackling the challenge of sustainable growth.

Sustainable Built Environment East 

Bringing together specialists across the broader constriction sector to consider issues impacting the delivery of sustainable growth and the built environment.

Home Energy Conservation Officers Network  

Providing networking and knowledge sharing opportunities for Home Energy Officers and energy company advisors, to help alleviate fuel poverty through energy conservation.

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