Sustainability East started life in 1998 as The Sustainable Development Round Table for the East of England, an independent, membership organisation with representation from a wide range of sectors, to “bring sustainable development to the heart of policy making in this fast-growing region”. Its aim was to consider important issues for the East of England which others were not tackling. The body was one of a family of sub-national sustainable development champion bodies charged by Government to work closely with Government agencies and local authorities to advise on and assess the performance of the East of England on sustainable development.

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Climate East – the climate change partnership for the East of England – was established in 2009 by various regional government agencies to help make the climate change challenge for the East of England more manageable. The partnership bought together information, resources and people to help gather evidence on the most effective, efficient and appropriate way to progress. Through 2010/11 the group is managing a climate change skills fund on behalf of Government to the value of just over £1 million.


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In 2010/11 the two organisations merged to form a social enterprise company. The company seeks to bridge the gap between policy and delivery and be an independent source of impartial advice and support sub-nationally, focused very much on action rather than simply information provision and awareness raising.