The Local Authority Officers Group is a network is for those local authority officers with a lead on climate change issues. Officers take part in the network to knowledge share and to identify efficiencies in practice.

Sustainability East ensure that there are opportunities for this group to meet and share knowledge regularly.  The occasions for meeting have vastly reduced in line with public sector spending cuts and this group aims to fill this collaboration gap.

The network is open to all local authority officers based in the East of England with responsibility for climate change. The network includes a focus on the work of Climate Local. Climate Local is an Local Government Association (LGA) initiative, supported by the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready service, to drive, inspire and support council action on climate change.

Launched in June 2012, it aims to support councils both to reduce carbon emissions and to increase resilience to a changing climate. The initiative is the successor to the old LGA Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change. Climate Local supports local authorities by providing a platform owned and led by councils, to promote activity on climate change and demonstrate leadership locally and nationally. It supports local authorities to share good practice and identify other authorities undertaking similar initiatives, to support joint working and the sharing of experience and ideas.

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A meeting was held with EELGA on 4th November 2014 ‘Weathering the Storm’. The focus of this event was about local authorities and resilience to extreme events such as flooding, drought and overheating. A presentation was given by the national Climate Local Project Lead, Mazvita Chari. Climate Local Presentation – 4th November 2014 (ppt 337kb)