About Sustainability East

Sustainability East is a social enterprise which provides advice and support for organisations looking to understand the implications of climate change and invest in sustainable approaches. Honesty and transparency is at the core of Sustainability East’s approach, and open discussion is encouraged in order to highlight risks, minimise loss, and maximise benefit.

The team is focused on direct action, as well as providing information and raising awareness. Sustainability East attempts to tackle the issues which negatively affect or obstruct sustainability in the East of England in the following ways:

  • Provide services and expertise in order to facilitate long term solutions to the problems of sustainable development
  • Build strong networks of partners, sponsors and associates to ease the collaborative process, create common goals to achieve, and use their leverage to help voice issues surrounding sustainability and climate change
  • Accelerate change for a sustainable future through transparency and honest, open debate between organisations

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Sustainability East is a member of Social Enterprise UK and holder of the ‘We are a social enterprise’ Badge. This means that Sustainability East aligns with Social Enterprise UK’s criteria for social enterprise.

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Latest News

  • Sustainability East strengthens Board August 18, 2014

    Sustainability East has confirmed its commitment to partnering with the commercial sector and strengthened its team, with the appointment of Alison Taylor, Managing Director of Conscious Communications, to its Board.

    Operating as a social enterprise, Sustainability East supports public, private and third sector organisations in addressing the challenges and capitalising on the opportunities of climate change ...

  • Alliance dinner encourages cross sector responsibility August 18, 2014

    Dinner guests at the Alliance for Sustainable Development agree to take collective responsibility for sustainability challenges and opportunities for the area.

    Cross sector leadership driving sustainable development in the East of England Leaders from public, private, academic and third sector organisations across the East of England agreed to take collective responsibility for long-term thinking around regional ...

  • Local Opportunities for Renewable Energy – Free Events January 12, 2014

    The Department for Energy and Climate Change and Climate UK are running a series free all day events to generate discussion on the renewable energy…

  • Supporting localism to deliver for sustainability and climate change January 12, 2014

    Time to rethink the ‘subnational space’? Study finds the need for support at a ‘greater than local’ level on sustainability and climate change.

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